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Max Firepits

We've made it official and are now a certified manufacturer of 100% Australian Made fire pits which are hand-made from Bluescope steel right here.

Updated: 30 July, 2023

Finishing off one of our custom fire pits, 100% Certified Australian made!

We’ve made it official! MAX Fire Pits are now certified to be 100% Australian Made Fire Pits and metal signs. We are so proud to join the thousands of other great businesses over at the Australian Made campaign, working hard to promote businesses that support the economy and communities of this country.

Every one of our custom made fire pits are designed and hand made right here in Australia, from quality Aussie Bluescope® steel and we couldn’t be happier to now be officially recognised as Australian Made.

We hand make each and every one of our fire pits and accessories right here in Australia.

If you are looking for a gift for your corporate customers, or even for a family or friend then you can purchase with confidence that all of our products are manufactured right here in our country and your dollars stay right here, supporting the local community.



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