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How do we ship our fire pits?

shipping fire pit
In this article, we take you through our packing and shipping process showing you the care and love we put into custom fire pit delivery.

Our large square custom fire pit is quite a heavy and bulky item, and weighs in close to 30 kilograms. So making sure it’s properly packed for shipping so it arrives in perfect condition is something we have spent a lot of time perfecting. Our dedicated facility uses strong, custom-made boxes that keep all the parts of your new fire pit together and well protected. We also use high-quality bubble wrap between each part, to ensure maximum protection while in transit.

Check out our video of the packing process for one of our customer fire pits.

1. Preparing the packaging materials

The first step in our process is to make sure all of our packaging materials, such as bubble wrap and strong packing tape are cut to size. The helps us to make the process for multiple fire pit orders fast and efficient.

We cut each layer of bubble wrap by hand to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Wrapping the fire pit

Using our super-strong bubble wrap, we pack your new fire pit for shipping. First we lay down a large sheet of bubble wrap, then place each component of the fire pit into the bundle, carefully placing a sheet in between each part to help prevent wear and tear while on the road to you.

We carefully wrap each component of your new fire pit with bubble wrap to protect it in transit.

3. Packing your accessories

If you’ve ordered any fire pit accessories from us such as a bbq grill plate or canvas bag, this is the time where we collect it and pack it into your order. We often throw in a couple of little gifts too =)

We pack our canvas bag and grill into our custom-made boxes.

4. Closing the box

Now that your fire pit is all safely wrapped and secured in the bubble wrap, we take our custom-made boxes, close them tightly ensuring that all the contents inside is fitting well and prepared for shipping.

Fits like a glove! Our custom-made fire pit boxes help prevent damage to the item in transit.

5. Taping & securing the box

Using strong industry-grade packing tape along the middle and edges for maximum security, we then tape up the box, making sure to cover the edges and middle of the box for strength.

taping up a fire pit box for shipping

6. Adding the sticker and labels

The final step in the packing process is to print out the shipping labels, which contain the destination and other details about the package and affix them to the carton. During this time, we also put one of our famous MAX Fire Pits stickers on the box as a seal of authenticity!

max fire pits sticker
Adding the MAX Fire Pits sticker to the box is the final touch!

7. Load them onto the truck and send!

Now that your precious cargo is fully protected and ready for shipping, we load all of our amazing customer fire pits onto our trucks and send them out to dispatch centres, ready to be transported right around Australia.



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How do we ship our fire pits?

In this article, we take you through our packing and shipping process showing you the care and love we put into custom fire pit delivery.

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