How to choose a good quality laser cut fire pit

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With over ten years experience designing fire pits for customer, we've decided to put together this useful guide to help you avoid the common problems.

With lots of options on the market these days for custom steel fire pits, it can be difficult to work out exactly where to spend your money. You want to make sure you get a quality product at the best price, right?

With over a decade making fire pits for customers right around Australia, we decided to tap into our experience and put together this handy guide to help you avoid the common pitfalls. This guide will take you through what we believe to be the essential things to take note of when searching for a fire pit manufacturer so you end up with the product you deserve.

1. Great customer service

Hands down, it is essential that the supplier you choose provides excellent customer service and honest, quick communication. Waiting days for a reply to an email is painful, and if there is a problem with your order, it’s great to be able to pick up the phone or send an email and get it resolved right away.

2. Australian-made steel

A lot of newer players in the custom fire pit market tend to cut corners and use imported steel that is thinner and more prone to bending under the intense heat of a good fire. Make sure that the supplier you choose uses only quality Australian steel, preferably in 3mm and over and from a reputable steel company like Bluescope Steel.

3. High-quality laser cutting

This is a tricky one. You would think that all laser cutting is the same, right? Unfortunately, some suppliers tell you their product is ‘laser-cut’ but they are only cut with plasma cutting machines, giving an inferior quality finish. High-quality laser cutting equipment delivers sharp, precise designs.

4. Easy to store and transport

Be sure to ask whether the fire pit you are purchasing is flat-packable for easy storage. If you buy a fire pit that isn’t able to fold or pull apart, it can be bulky and tough to move about, especially if you are looking to take it camping etc.



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