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New Christmas Bundles on Sale!

Check out our incredible Christmas Bundles and save big on a custom fire pit, canvas bag and BBQ grill combo.

The weather is heating up, the borders are opening and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Yeah, it’s that of the year already and boy it has come around fast in 2021. Just when you thought the world couldn’t get weirder than last year, the past twelve months has served up some absolute bananas.

You can save $125 on our massive Christmas Fire Pit Bundle!

To celebrate us all making it through the last year, we are putting together some extra special Christmas Fire Pit Bundles, so take advantage of this deal and save up to $125 on select fire pit, canvas bag and BBQ grill plate combos.

If you’ve got someone in your life that’s always hard to buy for, then there’s no better or memorable gift than a completely personalised fire pit.



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