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An outdoor fire pit is excellent way to spend the weekend with family and friends, and this list of accessories will make your experience much safer and more enjoyable.

Updated 28 February, 2022

Your outdoor fire pit is a great way to spend time with friends and family, but having some quality accessories can make your fire pit experience is even more fun. Fire pits can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but by adding the right type of fire pit accessories you can maximise your safety and prevent unwanted accidents.

Here are 9 must-have items that will help you to keep your fires safe and get the maximum enjoyment from your new purchase.

Log Carrying Bag

Carrying wood back and forth across the yard might not sound like fun at first, but with a log carrier bag or cooler it won’t be so hard on your back! These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from various materials.

We particularly love the fire wood carriers from the lovely folks at Blacksmith Camping, who make their own quality bags and accessories out of Adelaide.

fire wood carrying bag
A quality firewood carrying bag from Blacksmith Camping makes the job so much easier!

Canvas Carrying Bag

Having a strong, well-fitting canvas carry bag is a must-have for any portable fire pit. With most flat-packed pits, a high-quality canvas bag keeps all of the metal pieces together, and makes it easy to carry to and from your car.

A carry bag is also a great way to protect your car from the ash and soot that comes from a used fire pit.

Our military-grade canvas back is heavy duty and custom built for our fire pits.

Fire Pit Ash Tray

This is something we recommend if you don’t want ash everywhere – but it does keep everything contained which makes cleanup a lot easier later on. We are currently looking into supplying our very own ash trays for our custom fire pits.

The ash tray is a great idea for your fire pit because it prevents the coals and ashes from scattering all over. The design of an ash tray will vary depending on what type you want, but in general they are designed to contain everything within its confines so that not one single thing goes out onto the ground or into someone’s yard!

Important: Always remember to check the fire pit regulations in your state to make sure you are keeping within the law and not putting yourself at any risk of fines.

Stopping hot coals, ash and embers from spilling out of your fire pit with an ash tray.

Grate Mats

If you have an outdoor fire, then grate matting will protect your patio from being scorched by hot metal grates. They’re also great because they make sure nothing catches on fire underneath them too!

Fire Lighter

When building fires, sometimes things can get slow going at times if all logs aren’t lit evenly or completely. Thankfully, a reliable lighter that’s designed for starting fireplaces or campfire is an accessory that can help you easily light your fire every time. More waterproof than regular matches, and designed to output a steady flame, a portable butane torch is a good option, Check out your local camping or fishing store and you can grab them online.

Flip Grate

A quality flip grate is handy, because they allow ashes and dirt from one side of the fire pit to easily fall down into an ash tray on the opposite side. They’re also good in case some embers accidentally fly up into the air, which is never an ideal scenario!

Fire Pit Shovel

You’ll want a quality shovel nearby so you can get all that ashes and dirt out of your fire pit before you start building another fire. Also, if you are partial to cooking on your fire pit, you can use your shovel to move the hot coals to help with the cooking process.

A fire pit shovel is an invaluable tool for handling hot coals and cleaning out your outdoor fire pit.

Fire Pit Covers

If you want to make sure your fire pit stays clean and dry from the elements, a quality fire pit cover is a great investment. Depending on the construction, a well-made fire pit cover can also help you to smother the fire and put it out.

Protective Gloves

If you plan on using any fire accessories at all, we recommend gloves because there’s nothing worse than getting burned from hot metal tools or a stray ember or hot coal. Protecting your hands is always a good idea and you can get them pretty cheaply. Bunnings has a good range of protective fire gloves.

A good pair of heat-resistant gloves will help to protect your hands from the fire.

Fire Pokers

these are similar to fireplace tongs – they’re used for poking or stirring fires in order to keep the wood burning evenly. They make it easier than ever to rearrange logs when necessary too! Available in a range of cool styles, and even custom made with your family name, a good fire poker is an invaluable tool for tending to your fire.

A well-made fire poker can help you to rearrange logs and coals safely and easily.

Get your accessory on!

So there’s 9 must have accessories for your outdoor fire pit experience – remember them next time you go outside to start another bonfire with friends and family members. You’ll be glad you did!



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