Why do Aussies love their fire pits?

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Aussies love to spend quality time outdoors with our family and friends around a roaring fire. In this article, we explore the top reasons why we love our fire pits.

Australians love to spend time outdoors. We long to be close to nature and build large decks, patios, or lawns in our backyards to give us more room to spend time outside in our own homes. Many Australians (especially since the Covid-19 pandemic) are adding a fire pit to our backyards, allowing us to enjoy warm and cozy fires in the evening.

Both fixed and portable fire pits are popular, always ready for a barbecue or outdoor time. Many Australian families love to spend time together relaxing, cooking, playing board games, sports, and chatting around the soothing warmth of a good flame. But why do we love fire pits so much?
This article will talk about 10 reasons Australians love their fire pits. Yes, we are madly in love with our fire pits, so keep reading to learn more about our fire pit culture.

Wonder why fire pits are so popular in Australia? Here are the reasons to show you how much Australians love their fire pits.

1. We Love Outdoor Fire Pit Gatherings

Fire pits create a cozy atmosphere, provide ample heat on chilly nights, and play an active role in bringing people close to each other. In fact, a fire pit is an excellent excuse to invite people over to the house. Guests are bound to arrive to enjoy a party around them.

Australia has three months of summer. So, Australians enjoy the fine weather travelling around. And when the summer ends, the weather can get a bit chilly, and the nights are colder. But the weather cannot stop us from going outdoors and meeting people.

We are fun-loving people. We love to have regular outdoor parties in our backyard or any available open spaces. Inviting family and friends to enjoy evenings in the warmth of fire pits is common around here.

2. We Love Watching The Game Outdoors

Australians are sports mad, and one of the best ways to enjoy the big game is to take your TV outside and watch the game with your mates close to a cozy fire pit.

There is something magical about hanging out with your friends and family while watching the Friday Night footy or cricket match. The cheering, yelling, tension, and celebration, all of it together in an open backyard, provide an experience that you cannot forget. And you will always see a cozy fire in the midst of it all.

3. Fire Pits Provide Ambience

We Australians are adventurous people, so dates are not always about romantic dinners in restaurants and going to the movies. Instead, sometimes adventurous couples take their dates outdoors under the open sky.

To create a romantic ambience, they light their fire pits. The stars twinkling above combined with the warmth of the elegant flame creates a romantic atmosphere that just cannot be beaten by traditional dating norms.

With a glass of cocktail, a bottle of beer or a cup of coffee, Australian couples spends hours talking in the presence of the warm burning fire of the pit. And couple that with a barbecue and you have a date to remember.

4. Provide Light and Warmth

A well-maintained fire pit provides warmth and light when camping or hiking.

Fire pits create heat, but Australians also use fire pits to create light for parties and gatherings both indoors and outdoors. As the fire pit provides a good deal of ambience to the atmosphere, fire pits are a common sight in backyards right around the country.

We want our parties to go on till late at night. Guests also like to stay longer, even after the sun goes down.

But, having lights outdoors is not always possible, especially when the party is outdoors away from home. Hence, Australians use fire pits to have natural lighting that also brings character to the area as a bonus.
Gathering or no gathering, many Australian families light their backyard fire pits during cold evenings to keep their homes warm.

As we Australians mostly have warm months throughout the year, we are especially sensitive to the cold in winter. So, you’ll see a fire pit ready to be used in every home. We believe the effect of cozy fire helps us feel calm and connect with our family.

5. Fire Pits Can Be Used All Year Round

You might think people in Australia use fire pits just for cold evenings or nights. They do not. Australians enjoy the light and warmth of fire pits all year-round.

Like the adults, the youngsters also enjoy the lighting of fire pits. Both adults and kids want to have some snacks in summer or winter, such as toasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and some mores. The simple task of gathering wood for the fire pit can also become a fun activity for everyone.

Like our parties, we are crazy about playing sports. May it be football, handball or netball, you will see young people playing in an open space or seaside besides a big fire. The light of the fire pit is enough for them to continue playing in the night and at the same time provides them heat during cold nights.

Pests like mosquitos can be a huge problem during summer days. So, fire pits are often lit as a natural pest deterrent to fend away mosquitos from backyards or camping sites. Using wood-burning fire pits for burning and disposing of dried leaves and twigs are also common in Australia.

6. Camping Is A Popular Pastime

Australians travel around their country whenever they can. They camp around various locations like different campsites, parks, mountains, or seasides all year-round. Thus, portable fire pits are their constant companions for camping or RV adventures.

These portable fire pits are compact and easy to move around. They can be fueled by propane or wood. People mostly prefer the wood-burning fire pits as they are great for roasting food besides providing heat and light.

Many RV travellers keep portable fire pits for outdoor use and maintain the inside of their RV warm on cold nights. These might be smaller than regular fire pits, but they provide sufficient heat and light for a small group of people.

These fire pits are also helpful in keeping insects and animals away from the campsite. Animals generally like to stay away from fire. So, these are also used as protection. As fire pits can be used to cook food, there is no need for the campers to bring extra cookware like a portable stove. Reducing extra luggage.

The Australians admire the versatility of portable fire pits. So, they never forget to bring one with them while they go camping.

Are you heading out on a camping trip? Check out this article on top camping tips for some great tricks and hacks to make your trip even better!

7. We Love Cooking on Fire Pits

Cooking dinner over and open fire is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Australians have large backyards, excellent weather at night, and genuine love for barbeque. As a result, most Australians use wood-burning fire pits for cooking during their late-night parties. For this, we have grilling accessories like grill grates, pans, pots, sticks, tongs, and tinfoil always available.

We place a grill rack to cook the food or wrap them with foil paper to directly cook on the pit. The gatherings around the fire pit become even more enjoyable with the smell of barbeque and charcoal. With bottles of beer and barbeque, we Australians spend our evening celebrating various occasions around a fire pit.

Australians enjoy cooking on fire pits so much that they frequently invite their friends over no matter the occasion. But, as they want the authentic taste of barbeque, they do not like to cook food on propane fire pits very much. So, wood-burning fire pits are most popular here.

8. Fire Pits Are Attractive Decorations

Fire pits are not just a heating source for Australian homes. We install fire pits in our yards, patio, or deck to transform them into cozy living spaces. Many people here like to use custom pits in unique designs, shapes and sizes. People use them to express their personality and style.

Outdoor fire pits are admired by Australians as they are quickly drawn to dancing flames at night. People feel at home because of the comfort fire pits provide them. Many people claim to feel calm and safe seeing a fire pit burning while they bask in its heat.

Some even like to keep a fire pit indoors for the same reasons. Cuddling up with your family on the sofa and enjoying the warmth and ambience of friendly fire is nothing short of magic.

9. Fire Pits Are Affordable

The affordable price range of fire pits has also turned this item into a standard household addition in Australia. Australians do not mind spending some dollars for the service fire pits offer.

There are vast variations of fire pits available. There are many options, from portable fire pit bows, built-in models, and fire pit tables to DIY projects. But, portables are most popular in the average Australian household due to the incredible versatility they provide compared to their price.

They don’t cost more than a few hundred Australian dollars. Considering that they rarely break, buying one is a worthwhile investment.

10 The first Australians

As an Australian, you can’t deny the influence of the aboriginal culture we have on our own Australian culture. The fire was an integral part of aboriginal societies. Just like us now, they also viewed fireplaces as a place of gathering, festivities, religion, etc.

The fire was a vital aspect of the life of the aboriginals. They used it for communication and food preparation, performing religious activities, and even fighting natural calamities. And they were very good at it. Early European travellers noted how skilfully these people used fire to handle wildfires.

So, it is evident how important fire was to the culture of the aboriginals. And obviously, as our forefathers settled here, some of that culture seeped into our own. So, you can thank them for the gatherings around fire pits we love today here in Australia.

The Rising Popularity Of Portable Fire Pits in Australia

Recently portable fire pits are getting popular in Australia. And for good reasons. Full-fledged permanent fire pits don’t come cheap. Installing one in your home can quickly hand you bills reaching thousands of dollars. And with how the economy is right now, affording such luxuries is not possible by most Australians. And that’s where portable fire pits come in.

Portable fire pits are usually much cheaper than their fixed counterparts. And at the same time much more compact. Done using it? Disassemble it and store it somewhere for later use. And not to mention, the portability is quite lovely to have as well. So if you like camping or RV trips, a portable fire pit can go with you.

Being such an essential part of our culture, many people also favour gifting others custom fire pits with unique and thoughtful designs.

The last and most important part of having a portable fire pit is the maintenance. Permanent fire pits are associated with all sorts of maintenance costs that most would prefer to avoid. Portable fire pits need little to no maintenance at all. And that is an excellent factor for why Australians prefer portable fire pits more and more.

Should You Get A Fire Pit?

If you are an Australian or recently moved here, having a fire pit is definitely recommended. By now, I’m sure you have the idea of how popular and integral fire pits are to Australian culture. Nobody takes nicely to a person who just keeps attending parties instead of throwing a few himself from time to time.

Also, a portable fire pit is an essential tool to bring with you for all the adventurous people out there. It helps you stay warm and to cook food as well. And I don’t think I have to go any deeper into why these two things are so popular.

And even if you don’t like to go on adventures or even arrange parties, having a fire pit to provide warmth and coziness during those cold winter nights is definitely worth it. They are relatively affordable and, in most cases, a one-time purchase. So, we definitely recommend that you get yourself one.

Why Buy Max Custom Fire Pits?

If you want to buy a good fire pit, we recommend checking out our Max Custom Fire Pit. We sell customised fire pits, and we also make products that have high durability, high quality and fast delivery. Here’s what you get when you order from us.

Good Quality Laser Cutting

Our fire pits are made with the latest laser cutting technology to carve your own personalised logos and designs. These are much more durable and high quality than the water jet technology most other custom fire pit companies use.

Water jet cutting has the tendency to bend the material. And are not nearly as precise as laser cutting. They also cause more waste and noise pollution. That is why we are proud of our laser cutting technology.

Easy to assemble

Our Custom Fire Pits are extremely easy to assemble and packed down in minutes. This is mainly because our ones are portable, unlike many other fire pits. So you will have no problem trying to carry them to your camping destination.

You can disassemble our fire pits into a few thin and flat metallic slates that can be easily packed for your adventures. And assembling it is just as easy. We have a design that allows you to assemble your fire pit in minutes with your bare hands and requires no tools.


Max custom fire pits are often named the toughest fire pit on the market because our fire pits are built from 4mm Australian Bluescope steel.

This alloy is known to be extremely lightweight while at the same time being very tough. This is why our fire pits can last for years, even through rough use. After assembly, our fire pits weigh about 30 KGs. So, you can guess how much durability you are getting.

100% Certified Australian Made

Unlike many other fire pits in the market, which are often imported, our products are made in Australia. That means outstanding production and quality control. Moreover, we provide delivery all over Australia.
Being made in Australia, we can provide a level of quality for a price that is unparalleled by anything else in the market. We guarantee it.

Fast delivery

Our Fire Pits are all hand cut, so the delivery is usually around 1-2 weeks. Moreover, we always keep updated with our clients about the product’s progress and delivery to remain at ease and tense free. At the same time, their fire pits are being sent.



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