Why Collapsible Fire Pits are the Ultimate Camping Accessory

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My family cherishes our adventures around Australia and we take our collapsible fire pit everywhere with us, for warmth and a great way to cook outdoors.

If you are anything like me and love getting outside, it’s easy to find joy in the simple pleasures—like a tranquil night sitting around an open fire, keeping warm around a collapsible fire pit with family and friends. Couple of cold beers, or a glass of red doesn’t go down go astray either!

My family loves our trips around the Australian landscape , and the addition of a flat-packed pit and a supply of fire wood has brought countless hearty laughs and warm moments that we will always remember. We wrote this article to share some of our experiences and encourage you to pack your tent and hit the outdoor adventure trail this summer.

It’s like taking a piece of your cozy backyard anywhere you go. The heat, practicality and simplicity of setting up the unit have made it an essential companion for our excursions or general outdoor use.

Quick and Easy Setup

Places like Moreton Island are even more enjoyable with our collapsible fire pit. The simplicity of setting up means more relaxation and enjoyment, and packing it up is just as straightforward.

Light and User-Friendly

Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy, cumbersome fire pits. Collapsible ones are incredibly lightweight, allowing everyone, even the kiddos, to chip in and help. And, if you get yourself a carry bag, it’s even easier.

Creating memories around a fire pit

The collapsible fire pit has been at the centre of countless enjoyable moments in the great outdoors. Those spontaneous improvisations, like when my mate Twig forgot the grill, and we had to resort to sticks, make for the stories we revisit with a chuckle!

The collapsible fire pit has become an indispensable part of our camping experiences. The fire is our hub for warmth, joy, and camp cooking, making each adventure more memorable and full of laughter!

friends enjoying a glass of wine next to a camp fire pit

What makes a MAX Portable Fire Pit better?

Laser Precision Cutting

Every one of our collapsible fire pits is shaped with the highest quality laser cutter. This precision technology ensures that each piece is meticulously crafted, offering clean and precise cuts. This technique enables a level of detail and accuracy that’s second to none, allowing each fire pit to assemble from the base plate with ease and maintain its structural integrity for many many years. We put a lof of effort into making a quality product.

Custom made for your family

Here’s the exciting part – each fire pit can be personalised just for you! Whether it’s a special logo, a favourite design, or a name, we have you covered. This feature allows every fire pit enthusiast to add a personal touch to their fire pit, making it a unique piece that resonates with their individual style. Although usually cut from 4mm Bluescope® steel, I have seen some portable fire pits cut from stainless steel, but I’m not sure how long they would last with the intense heat.

Easy pack up and cleaning

And when the night is over and it’s time to head back, pack up is a breeze! Each of our collapsible fire pits is light weight and folds down flat into our military-grade canvas bags. These bags are not just about convenience; they’re a perfect addition to your camp kit and ensure your fire pit is protected and easy to transport. ( Our bag has enough room for the grill and any other accessories you might have. The robust nature of these bags means you don’t have to worry about wear and tear; they’re built to last! )

Proudly made right here in Australia

By choosing our fire pits, you are not only getting a premium, durable product, but you are also supporting local craftsmanship and materials. Every fire pit is a testament to Australian quality, made with passion and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From the base plate to the heavy duty canvas bag, our products have five star reviews from thousands of happy customers. It’s not just about the warmth around the campfire; it’s about the warmth of knowing you are part of a community that values and supports local ingenuity and hard work.

We are proud of our range, and have won several awards for the ‘Best Portable Fire Pits”

Quality and Durability

The combination of high-grade Bluescope steel, precision laser cutting, and infinite options for personalisation make our collapsible fire pit a real hit for every outdoor enthusiast. They are a symbol of enduring quality and a love for the boundless beauty of our land.

Is a collapsible fire pit easy to clean?

Definitely! A simple wipe-down, and it’s ready for the next outing! If you have a carry bag, it’s often a good idea to give the unit a quick spray with vegetable oil to help prevent rust. We always store a can in our camp accessories kit, and have never regretted it. You can check out our article on how to protect your investment from the harsh elements of Australia.

Can you cook on a collapsible fire pit?

Absolutely! Slap a bbq grill plate or cooking grill on top, and it’s BBQ cooking time! If you want more heat for longer, you can use a rotisserie kit for doing slow cooking. If you like to cook on a camp oven, a portable pit is a perfect companion for generating a ongoing supply of charcoal to use. In fact, cooking on charcoal is much preferred by camp oven specialists, as you can control the temperature and not burn the food by having open flames hitting the top edge of the oven.

What kind of food can I cook on a fire pit grill plate?

photo of breakfast, bacon and eggs cooked on a fire pit

The sky’s the limit! From a simple bbq with steak, sausages and burgers, right through to more complicated dished that need a camp stove for slow cooking. If you are a fan of rich beef stews, take along your camp oven and use the fire pit to create an endless supply of hot coals.

My personal preference when cooking outside is to keep it simple. Good quality ingredients treated simple lets you appreciate the flavour from the grill the best, in my opinion.

Are collapsible fire pits safe?

Yes! If you aren’t confident starting and maintaining a wood fire yet, you can easily use charcoal or heat beads to get started before you move to a full wood campfire. Burning these types of fuel can save yourself the hassle of long periods of smoke when you first light them up. Also, the cooled bbq ashes are great for your backyard too, and can be disposed of in garden beds and around plants.

Depending on your location, one of the main safety considerations is to ensure that embers and coals don’t fall from the unit and land on the ground. There are loads of accessories to help stop this happening, and often a fire pit sheet underneath can help. Usually made from lightweight tin, this can help stop the radiant heat and help you to save the grass underneath. One of these, plus some common bbq accessories like some heatproof gloves and some tools to move charcoals safely will help. We always store these extras in our camp pack, and you can always find a use for them!

photo of a campsite with fire pit and chair

Time for Your Own Adventures!

It’s not just about having a fire pit; it’s about the laughter, the shared experiences, and the memories created around the flames. So, are you ready to jumpstart your Australian adventure and create your unique stories?

Talk to our friendly team and grab a new fire pit, carry bag & cooking grill and get outdoors! Some of our best selling fire pits are quite affordable and come with the option of a carry bag (strong canvas bag) for ease of transport.

Let’s forge more memories, experience more adventures, and spend more delightful nights immersed in the beauty of nature! Happy Camping trips to all!

When we hit the road with our family here at MAX Fire Pits, we love nothing more than taking one of our portable pits to cook on. It’s super convenient and the kids just love helping us out! We are more likely to head out when it starts to cool down and you can often find the MAX Fire Pits red mobile kicking around the back roads of Northern NSW doing some exploring.

Ben & Adele, Founders



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