Fire Pit Ideas

A collection of fire pit ideas to get you started

On this page, we’d like to give you some examples of great designs, something that fits in perfectly with your backyard, and has that personal touch.

photos of different fire pit ideas

¬†Whether it’s for the home in general, or for a gift, sitting around a personalised fire pit is a great way to spend your weekends.

Go big and go bold

The very best designs are bold, simple and make a statement about you or your family. Choose large, bold shapes that catch the eye and let the light from the fire spill out in a spectacular way.

Avoid small text if possible

It’s often difficult to read smaller text on a steel fire pit, especially in the dark and sometimes the details can really be lost if it’s too intricate or wordy. It’s a good idea to choose large, easy to read fonts. Our designers can offer suggestions on fonts that turn out well when being laser cut into our fire pits.

Got a sweet idea for a fire pit? We'll design it for FREE for you!

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