A portable fire pit perfect for camping.

Check out our Tiny MAX, the lightweight and portable fire pit that's the perfect companion for your next camping trip.

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The best portable fire pits for camp cooking, keeping warm and sitting around with friends.

Australian made from 100% Aussie steel.

Our latest addition to the MAX portable fire pits range is the TinyMAX fire pit, built tough from Aussie 4mm Bluescope steel and part of our range of quality products.

This portable fire pit is designed for great airflow, hotter fire and made exclusively for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a fire pit that’s going to last the distance, you get what you pay for and our thicker, sturdier design means that it will keep going long after those cheap ones are long gone. If you want a camp fire that lasts, go with the TinyMAX!

We make the best portable fire pits for camping.

Why choose a MAX portable firepit?

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Fast, light and easy to build

Our Tiny Max portable fire pit will pack down in seconds with no tools needed. Using wood or charcoal, our fire pit is easy to transport in your car, boat or camper trailer and makes the perfect companion on family camping trips. In fact, most of our customers wouldn't even consider going camping without one!

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Precision laser-cut

Using the latest laser cutting technology for smooth, precise edges the TinyMAX portable fire pit is the best fire pit for camping on the market.

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Our fire pit packs down flat.

The MAX portable fire pit packs down flat and slides into your car with ease. It's the best way to take an open fire with you! If you add on the carry bag and grill, you can fit them all together and save even more space. You can also store your cooking utensils in the carry bag too, for extra convenience.

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Built tough from Aussie steel

The Tiny Max isn't imported in bulk from overseas. Our portable firepit is made right here in Australia. and represents excellent value for the price. ( We are also looking into a stainless steel version too, so check our blog for updates!)

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Smart, elegant design

Our portable fire pit has been designed and tested in the field and is perfect for cooking food of for use as a portable campfire on camping, fishing or hiking trips!

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We ship Australia-wide!

Can't wait to get your hands on a new fire pit? We'll deliver your portable fire pit to anywhere in Australia. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and customer service.

Lightweight and easy to carry in your car, boat or camper.

Road tested for camping performance.

Most other portable firepits on the market are imported from overseas and are made from cheaper, thinner materials. All of our quality product is made right here in Australia with the same amount of care and attention to detail that we deliver to or entire fire pit range. If you are looking for a great fire pit to keep your next fire safe and contained, then the TinyMAX might be for you.

Designed for optimum airflow, the fire pit produces minimal smoke and is great at providing the right amount of fire and heat to keep you and your friends warm in the backyard. Or, used as a proper campfire burning either wood or coals when you explore the outdoors here in Australia.

Portable Fire Pit FAQ

When assembled, the Tiny MAX fire pits are quite generous and capable of holding a good-sized fire that will produce more heat and light for your camp. The measurements are 50cm long, 35cm wide at the top edge and 27.5cm high from the ground and it all packs down into a canvas bag for ease of transportation.

If you use the correct type of seasoned wood, then the fire pit will create only a small amount of smoke when lighting and extinguishing. The best fire pit for low smoke operations are ones that have a well-design airflow that allows enough oxygen to feed the fire. Of course, the TinyMax is the perfect size pit to allow for a decent fire to warm you and your friends without heaps of toxic smoke!

Because we hand-cut each and every fire pit we produce, the usual delivery time is approximately 1-2 weeks. Of course, we will always keep you up to date via email with how your order is progressing and the expected delivery time. if you have a specific camping trip date planned, by all means let us know and we’ll do our best!


Assembled, the portable firepit weighs about 12kgs, as it is constructed with 4mm BlueScope® steel. The fire pit packs away easily, and has a small footprint making it easy to transport and fit into your car, boat or caravan.

We do lots of company logo orders for portable fire pits and corporate gift orders are our speciality. They are a little more expensive per unit, so get in touch with us for more information.

If you are after a lightweight fire pit for camping trips, the TinyMAX is the perfect portable campfire to grill, cook and enjoy. Made from only four precision laser-cut parts, this fire pit is excellent value for money at this price and requires no tools to setup. Also, with the carry bag, you can store it in your car without any mess!

We offer a 4mm steel grill plate, which is perfect for grilling over the open coals or campfire. These are available for an extra $75, and you can add them into your cart on the product page. We also have a range of other accessories available too, including a carrying case ( or canvas bag ). this bag is a great way to stop ash and soot going into your car and improves safety when you transport the portable fire pits. We are also working on some new quality products for our line too, including a portable wood holder for camping, heat shield and extra large charcoal carry bag so you can store your messy heat beads etc. Keep an eye on our blog for details!

You sure can! Either scoop the coals out of the fire pit and dig a small pit in the ground to use as a charcoal base, or use them to create another small fires that you can sit the camp oven in. Lots of our customers collect the wood coals and pack them around the base of the camp oven, then use a shovel to put them on the lid to provide top and bottom cooking.

Australia's leading manufacturer of the best portable fire pits.

Super portable and made for camping.

The MAX portable fire pit is small, light and doesn’t need any tools to assemble, perfect for outdoor adventuring, 4WDing , fishing and camping trips. It’s also great to cook on with the optional bbq grill. Crank up some wood or charcoal and get grilling!

Here's what our clients say
about their portable firepits.


I couldn’t speak more highly of the professional nature, the contact and the craftsmanship. It was so easy to put together. Thanks so much xx




Your workmanship & service is impeccable and something to be very proud of. 10/10!




Had a personalised pit made for my dad’s birthday was the best ever great service and price. I will definitely be back to order again cheers guys!



Rather talk to somebody before you order? We're here to help.

If you've got an idea and would like to see what it might look like, get in touch and we will create and email you a mockup before you order!

Important Safety Information

Animals and children must be supervised and kept at least 3m away from any fire or fire pit. The number one rule with fire is to keep the fire safe and away from those who cannot protect themselves.

Made from 4mm Bluescope steel, the fire pit resists rust from the factory but after burning and heat exposure, may exhibit rust if left outside.

The fire pit may show some rust spots and marks from the manufacturing process or being left on the ground for long periods of time.

Use only split or whole dry logs no thicker than 8cm in your fire pit.

Fire wood must not be stacked higher than the steel edges of the fire pit.

Our fire pits are not made for raging fires with large, extreme heat. MAX Fire Pits will not be liable for any damage to your fire pit from incorrect use.

Steel components of your portable fire pit may bend and deflect due to exposure to heat, which is normal.

NEVER hose or throw water onto a hot fire pit to put out a fire or cool it down. The fire put may bend, warp or crack. To reduce heat quickly, simply use a shovel or steel rod to break up the fire and let it burn out naturally over time.

Our warranty does not cover for use with charcoal, heat beads, or manufactured fuel.